Wednesday, March 2, 2011

7 months to go!! Our wedding checklist

As most of you know our wedding date is set for October 1st, 2011. It took us 2 years of being engaged to finally finalize and set a date. We had many dates selected before but none of them felt "right". We came to the decision after much thought and compiling a list of what would make it the perfect date for us.

Our List:
  1. We wanted Nathan to already be graduated. Nathan graduates summer 2011.
  2. We wanted it to be on a odd number day. I am not a fan of even numbers. Weird I know. :)
  3. We wanted it to be on a Saturday. That is pretty much a given.
  4. We wanted it to be in the fall. The weather is the BEST in the fall and it's both of ours favorite season.
  5. We didn't want it be in a busy month, or close to any holidays. We didn't want it to be in the same month as any of our birthdays, or big holidays like 4th of July weekend or anything. It's important to us to have our families there and friends.
So our list had us narrowed down to October 1st, 15th, and 29th. I let Nathan make the final decision and he chose the wedding date! October 1st is exactly 1 week after Miss Harlow's big 1st birthday!! We are really hoping she is walking by that time since she is our flower girl! 2011 will be a big year for us!

We have just under 7 months till the big day and I though it would be good to update on how well the planning is going and what I have accomplished and what still needs to be done.

Wedding Planning Checklist:

  • Chosen a date.
  • Purchased wedding gown.
  • Chosen Caterer and working on menu.
  • Selected and spoken to officiant who will be marrying us.
  • Selected bridal party.
  • Booked the Ceremony site.
  • Chosen wedding colors.
  • Hired our florist.
  • Selected my hair and make up stylist.
  • Have and designed Save the Dates.
  • Booked photographer.
  • Selected bridesmaids dresses.
  • Engagement photo selected and ready for the newspaper.
  • Purchased wedding bands.
  • Purchased wedding veil and shoes.
  • Purchased guest book.
Working on Check List:
  • Finding reception venue.
  • Guest list.
  • Mailing out Save-the-dates.
  • Finalizing menu.
  • Finalizing DJ.
  • Getting my accessories. Hair piece, bracelet, earrings.
  • Finishing up getting bridesmaid gifts.
  • Selecting honeymoon location.
  • Finalizing cake baker.
We still have a lot on our To Do list, but I am very happy with where we stand on what we have accomplished. The day seems so far away but I know it will sneak up on me and be here before we know it! Especially with Harlow's birthday the week before. Her first 5 months have FLOWN by I just can't believe it.

Nathan and I are so blessed to have each other, to have Harlow, to have our families, and to be able to have the wedding of our dreams. We are working really hard to pay for most of the wedding ourselves, with the exception of some help. My goal is to have most of the wedding planned by July and to have it fully paid off by September, so we can fully focus on Harlow and her birthday.
The closer it gets the more excited I become, we already feel practically married by it will be nice to finally be a Mrs. :)

I have to put some pictures otherwise it will get boring. :)

This is a hair piece I tried on. HAHA. I will not be wearing this one. It took up that whole side of my head. My journey to find the perfect feather hair piece is still on!

Instead of lighting a unity candle we plan to use sand. We will be able to keep it forever.

I bought a plain black guest book. I plan to add feathers and some bling to it.

These are my shoes I chose. Ya I know there black. Its my favorite color. Black is also a main color  in the wedding. I LOVE THEM! and they have feathers! Woop Woop!!

Thanks for reading and I always love to see new followers! So follow me and make my day!! :)


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  1. I see you are still looking for your cake baker? Just thought I would mention my mom who just reopened the bakery in Independence and I know she would be more than happy to make your cake. I'm just sayin:):)
    Good luck in your planning, I know I had a lot of fun with mine:)



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