Thursday, March 31, 2011

Loves, Wants, Lusts... Oh My!

Wow. I don't even know where to start with this blog post. I have been MIA lately due to some mini vacations we had planned and I still haven't been doing to much wedding planning so I haven't really been inspired. I mean I don't want to just come on here and ramble because we all know my life is not that exciting.
My days consist of: laundry, scrubbing the apartment to get the disgusting smell of curry out of here (thank you neighbors! NOT!!!!), cleaning bottles, making bottles, and keeping Harlow and I clean, dry and happy! Who could ask for a better life? :)

Oh and exciting news we have less then 91 days till the end of June! Which we all know that means less then 91 days till moving day!! AHHH...EEEEKKK!! I am so excited, I want to start packing now! I have definitely been inspired lately in the home decorating area and can't wait to get into a house and make it feel like a home.

Without further a due lets get to the topic at hand. With mothers day, my birthday, and moving day all coming up there has been a few items I have been hinting around about that I would like to have, eventually. These things are not necessities just "wants", "likes", and "lusts".

Okay, the first thing I want to lust over is a thing called Mashed Potato Martini Bar. A couple of summers ago I went with my cousin Kristi to Las Vegas. She went for a business trip and I went to keep her company. It wasn't just a business trip though we got to go out on the town, enjoy some good food, watch a cirque de so lei show, and on the last night enjoyed a little cocktail party thrown by the company. At the cocktail party they had a Mashed Potato Martini Bar, one of the most unique and creative ideas I have ever seen. Who doesn't love potatoes with a ton of different options for toppings, all served in a martini glass? It was such a neat idea I decided right then and there we would use that at our wedding. It is one of the things that I am most excited about! :)

The 2nd thing I am lusting over is scentsy. I need more!! They smell so good and are so decorative and pretty. I can't wait to get into our house so I can see how many I need and which ones will look best with our decor. I even plan to get Nathan one for his office. Good thing I have a family member that sells it. :)

note: pictures are clicky.

 ^^The one I'm getting for Nathan^^

The third thing I can't wait to get or maybe I will attempt to make some is Fabric Cord Covers. I saw these for the first time this weekend and I am in love with this idea. They help disguise cords and make your house a little more decorative. I think it would also be a great way to distract Harlow from going after cords.

The fourth thing I am lusting over is throw blankets for the couch's in the living room. I love blankets that are so pretty they become part of your decor. I love big, cozy blankets to snuggle up with and this one is definitely one I have my eye on. It's from pottery barn and retails for $79.

What would that beautiful blanket look gorgeous on you ask? How about his couch? I saw it in Macy's and it is one of the first things I would love to get when we move. I am obsessed with these couches.

This next thing I have been lusting over for a while now. It is Bobbi Brown Blush in Peony. It has rave reviews and is beautiful on, not as bright pink as you think. I think it would be perfect for this summer.

What better way to display this lovely blush then with the perfect summer dress. I saw this dress in PacSun over the weekend. I am in love with it.

To top off the look I have been dieing to get this lovely ring from Yellow Pocket Boutique in Jet. I have the white and adore it. I have been wearing it everyday since I received it in the mail. I also have gotten tons of compliments on it, it is a keeper!

note: picture is clicky.

The last thing is Jessica Simpson leopard print luggage. I have been wanting this for over a year and I think it is the perfect set to take on our honeymoon.

Hopefully, I will continue to keep up with my blog and not abandon it like I have recently. Do you guys have any things that you have been "lusting" over lately? If so leave me a comment I love to hear from you guys. :)



  1. I am lusting over that martini potato bar! I'm very excited for your wedding :) Love you!!

    And thanks for the link to me! <3 You're the best!

  2. I know!!! Maybe I should have one for Harlows birthday too. haha.

    And your welcome, can't wait to have some extra cash so I can make lots of purchases from you! Love you!

  3. I would love to have that couch and I'm lovin' that luggage!! By the way that dress is super cute and would my ring would look perfect with it. :)

    Thanks for the link-up!



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