Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Time Fashion

I mentioned in an earlier post that the main reason I moved to Dallas was to go to fashion school. I guess you could say I have a passion for fashion! I LOVE IT! The degree I was aiming to get was a fashion marketing degree. I wanted a job I loved and felt passionate about and I was excited to"help" people. I know a lot of people may think that makes me shallow and materialistic, and you are probably wondering how could I possibly think a fashion degree would enable me to help anyone!

Let's just say as a female myself I have my days... I have my days where I don't feel pretty, my clothes don't fit right, and confidence isn't even a word in my vocabulary. Everyone has those days, it's not fair, but its as a female.
My dream job after getting my degree was to open a clothing boutique and be a personal stylist to all of my clients. I wanted to make people feel pretty and confident and to be able to hold there head high, no matter what there body shape was, no matter how much money is in there bank account, and no matter what career they have.

Since, I have put school on a hold for a while it has given me plenty of time to think about what I really want to do with my life. I keep coming back to the fashion industry, but in a different way.
Ever since I was pregnant and found out I was going to have a daughter I couldn't stop shopping/looking for clothes for her. She will never remember these clothes and I know she doesn't care what I put on her, but fashion these days for children is absolutely amazing! Now you should know I NEVER pay full price for any of her clothes, I just don't see the point. 

This whole post has been leading to this...My goal in life, besides being an amazing mommy to my beautiful daughter, is to now open a children's boutique and design children's clothes. These days I would rather shop in the children's department then shop for myself, and sometimes I get a little jealous and wish I could wear some of the clothes I buy for Harlow, they are just that cute and so grown up!

So without further a due here are some of the spring outfits I have my eye on for Harlow this year...

I actually found these on

I love this color of yellow! Its so beautiful.

Seriously, baby gauchos!!

Aren't these the sweetest little bow sandals. I am IN love!
All items are either from,,,
Miss Harlow might not get all of these outfits, really she does not need that many swim suits! But, I had to show you guys all of this cuteness, and all of these sites also carry boy clothes that are adorable as well! Happy shopping everyone!!


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