Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pinterest?? Yes..Please!

I am going to just get right down to the point with this one. Pinterest is my newest addiction these past 2 days and it has given me great inspiration for my blog, my wedding, Harlow's 1st Birthday, and everything in between. I heard about it on another blog YoungHouseLove, which is a huge inspiration all on its own.

A little about Pinterest, if you have never seen or heard about it you need to go right now and check it out! Basically, any piece of inspiration you see anywhere can be "pinned" (aka added to your board) and you can make notes about the picture as well. It's amazing and I have been pinning non stop since yesterday. If any of you fall in love it with like I did just leave a message and your email addy and I will send you an invite. Otherwise it takes up to 2 weeks to get an account, weird I know! It's just that popular. :)

Enjoy some photos I wanted to share with you that I have found from Pinterest.

Melissa.. This one is for you! Can we pleaaaaaaase get T a Hat like this?? I love it!

Beautiful picture. I would love to have one taken just like this.

This one speaks all on its own.

I would love to have a picture like this taken at our wedding.

Cotton candy at the wedding? Harlow's bday?


This rocks! Tiffany cupcakes.

Ruffly seat covers. I would love to have these!

Awesome pink lemonade dispenser!

This makes my tummy hungry!

This is a save the date. Wish I would have thought of this idea!

This would be awesome for Harlow's bday.

And I'm going to need something like this hung above my couch. We need family pictures taken ASAP

I thought about this for Harlow's birthday decor.

This is so lovely.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Hop

To all my fellow bloggers and followers out there go check out Spearmint Baby's blog. She had the wonderful idea to host a blog hop. Just follow this link and it will take you straight to the blog hopping page.  A blog hop is a way for bloggers and blog followers to check out some other blogs that may peak there interest. It is a great way to drive traffic to your blog by just linking your web page to her site, which is the 2nd linky I made or the picture. There are already 94 people who have submitted there blog URLs and blog names, the next could be you! Or you may come out following more blogs on a daily bases. WOW! I have said BLOG quite a bit and I am positive you are tired of reading that word as I am typing it. So hop on over and check it out!!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Piece of Cake

Cake, cake, cake..... What is a wedding without CAKE! So lately I have been trying to get back into the swing of things, planning and all, but I get really bored with things very easily. Oh and im a majorly big procrastinator. I hate talking on the phone with people it feels very awkward to me, so when it comes to planning a wedding when you live 6 hours away phone calls need to be made, and that's where my procastination kicks in. I need to work on this, I would hate to pass these traits onto my daughter.

Our wedding colors are going to be White, Black, and Ivory. The only things that will be white is my dress, Harlows dress, and Nathan's under shirt thing (I don't know what it's called???) and tie. I want this affair to be very simply, elegant, and sharp looking. Some of you may think it sounds boring but I think it is/will by lovely.

Here are some ideas for the cakes that I would love to have at my wedding.

Very elegant. Simple. LOVE!

The "Falling in Love" cake. So original. So me!

Im aiming to have a 2 tiered cake but with the way the guest list is looking I will probably need a 4 tier.
Picture courtesy of Stacia Meek. My wedding photographer! :)

I love the simpleness of this cake and the bow. I love bows!!
Leave me a comment and tell me which one is your favorite. If you have been married already tell me what flavor your wedding cake was, or if you haven't been married or didnt have a wedding cake for your wedding, tell me what your favorite flavor of cake is. Thanks girls!!



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