Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Millionaires and Love...

This morning it was nice enough outside to take Harlow out on a walk on the trails behind our apartments. The trails are a pretty popular thing here in Plano because they go for miles! I love going for walks on them becasue there is so much to look at... there are parks, football,baseball, and soccer fields, a rec center, big beautiful houses, and hobby lobby. It's so nice being able to get outside and get some fresh air. I find it very relaxing to just walk for miles, listening to music, and just thinking.

When I first walked out of the gates surrounding the apartments and saw people walking there dogs and riding there bikes, I started to wonder if I will miss this...

We have lived in Dallas for nearly 3 years and while I don't consider this home, this is what we have come to know. We know where things are and how to get there, what roads to take to try to avoid traffic, and where to not speed because that's where cops always sit. This has become our everyday, this is where we fell in love and started our lives together, and this is where our precious daughter was born. As much as I complain about living here and as excited as I am to move and be closer to family, it will be hard to top this city. I am so glad our parents gave us the opportunity to move here becasue I dont know where I would be today without Nathan and Harlow in my life. It has been a life changing move and it may be hard to leave it.

The title of the post is kind of random but before I had ever moved to Dallas I read in a Cosmopolitan magazine that Dallas, Tx has the most millionaires in the U.S. and statistics show that more millionaires are married to dark haired women more so then light haired women. So one of my arguments to my parents before I moved here was... " I have to move to Dallas to fall in love and marry a millionaire." I have for sure fell in love in Dallas and I am 100% certain I am marrying a millionaire. :) He may not be a millionaire yet but with his talent and ability I believe in him that it could happen. Regardless of how much money is in our bank account though, just having him and Harlow in my life is all I need to be truly happy.

I also started to think about the friends we have made here. People who have made living here so much easier. We are so blessed to have friends to go on weekly lunch dates with, that threw us a baby shower, that invite us over for dinner,and are planning to drive 6 hours to come to our wedding. I will miss them but I will never forget them. You guys know who you are and I love you! Thanks for always being there and spoiling my daughter with tons of love.

I know we will be happy once we move and get settled in, in a new a city, a new state, new jobs, and a new house. We will make more friends and be able to see our families a lot more which is a plus! I come from a large family and my cousins have always been like brothers and sisters to me, I hope that by raising Harlow closer to her cousins she can have that same bond. We will never forget Dallas, we miss our families and we miss out on a lot of family things, but I do not regret moving down here, it has been one of the best descions we have made. So I guess I have to admit...

I will miss this...

Picture taken by Nathan while working.

American Airlines Center. Where Nathan works and where the Dallas Mavericks, Vigilantes, and Stars play.

Picture taken while walking up to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium Summer 2009. We were able to watch the Cowboys practice while sitting in the 3rd row.

One of Nathans Ads in a Dallas Magazine.

Posters Nathan made for the Vigilantes season 2010.

Dallas Galleria taken Winter 2010.

If any of you are familiar with the old show "Dallas". This is South Fork Ranch the house they used to film the show. I pass by this house everyday I go to work. It's in Parker, TX and it looks beautiful in person. There are always people parked out front taking pictures of it.


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  1. When we decided to move back to Cherryvale from Tulsa, I was so excited to raise Charlie in a smaller town and around family. With the cost of living being much cheaper I'm also able to stay home with him. While I don't miss the traffic and crime, I do miss the shopping and food. Lucky for you Edmond has more than Pizza Hut and Sonic. :)

    Thanks for that last comment too. I'm really excited to finally get it going!



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