Monday, November 14, 2011

Our weekend in pictures...


It's been a minute since I updated.


I thought it might be fun if I did a picture post
of our weekend!

** All pictures were taken on our cell phones.

 My sweet baby... This is what happens when her daddy dresses her :)
Love his heart but baby girl is lookin' rough.
Atleast she is rockin the fringe boots!

Enoying a snack and watching her favorite "Bubble Guppies".

Playing with her shapes block...

There is only ONE tree in our entire neighborhood that has changed colors.
It is sooo beautiful.

Such a fun weekend I know!
We live life on the edge here in Texas.
I did do a little arts and crafts project but it's for my mom's birthday,
so I can't reveal pictures just yet.
But, I promise I will next week!

Thanks for reading! ♥


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