Saturday, December 10, 2011


It was 12:30 a.m this morning and I could not sleep!
 I usually stay up till 1130 and wake up around 8 but last night I was wide awake.
I was even awake by 7 this morning.
My sleep clock must be all sorts of messed up.

I didn't feel like getting out of bed to get my laptop last night.
In fear that my typing would wake the very asleep and snoring hubby.
So alas I stayed in bed and decided to activate my mobile blogging.
I really thought it would be similar to writing the way I do on my computer.
But no.
They had to make it all weird where you type it like a text and send it to your designated" blogger number."
So I typed and typed.
Finally decided to hit send.
What do you know it shows up as 5 completely different blog posts.
Say whaaa??
So I deleted them out of pure embarrassment.
But I am pretty sure if you follow me it will show in your blog reader.

 So my failed attempt at mobile blogging is still out there for some of you to see.
I really had high hopes that it would work.
I even tried my hardest to format it as best I could.
I also just realized I say "so"  a lot.

Have a good weekend everyone.
I am glad I could share my mobile blogging fail with you guys.

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