Monday, October 10, 2011

All about Harlow

Happy Monday Everyone!

We have a busy day today but I have a few quiet minutes before nap time is over
 and wanted to squeeze in a blog post.

We went and picked Harlow up from her Nana yesterday who has had her for the past week,
and we are defiantly trying to get back into our routine.
But that is a post for another day. :)
I just wanted to give a quick update on Harlow
and what she has been up to this past week.

Even though I was away from Harlow for a week I talked to my mom
at least twice a day if not more.
 I wanted to know what Harlow was up to, and boy did she shock me.

Harlow learned how to say...

Her favorite food is now macaroni and cheese and hamburgers.
The girl just can't get enough!!

She can blow raspberries on your arm.
And she tries to whistle.

She can climb on and off her riding toys.

She tries to put on her shoes and socks herself.
And would chase Brody (the dog) around by walking instead of crawling.

I still can't believe how much she learned in just a week!
Her little brain is just growing and soaking up more and more knowledge everyday.
She is amazing!

Nap time is over, I hear someone calling my name!
"Mommy" :)

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