Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Things Friday

It's that time of week again!
So let's get started...

Caramel Candy Corn.
Nathan was so excited to pick this up and I thought it sounded disgusting.
Believe it or not I ended up enjoying it.
It also smells delicious!

Crock Pot Cooking.
I love cooking with my crock pot. Who wouldn't?
Throw your ingredients in and let it cook for 6+ hours.
The crock pot is a must cooking gadget in our house.
I also have a few yummy crock pot recipes I will share later on this week.

Crisp, cool, morning walks.
Harlow and I try to go on a walk every morning.
It gets us out of the house and makes both of us in a better mood.
Now that the weather is a bit cooler in the  mornings it makes our walks even more enjoyable.

They are a huge Fall/Winter staple.
Love Them!
It takes a simple outfit to the next level and they are a budget friendly item.






Freezer Paper Stencils.
If you are on Pinterest you probably know what this is.
If you are not, this is one of the simplest crafts.
There are many tutorials out there but here is a quick run down.
First off, freezer paper and wax paper are different things.
Yes, I googled it.
You draw your stencil on to the freezer paper and cut it out.
Then you use a hot iron to iron the stencil onto your shirt.
Not onto the shirt you are wearing. :)
Then gently dab on your fabric paint.
It's really as easy as that.
I can't wait to make some for Harlow!



Have a good weekend everyone!!

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