Friday, October 7, 2011

5 Things Friday

I have seen this done on a few other blogs and loved the idea.
So, I have picked out 5 different things I am loving right now and want to share with you guys!

Striped Tank Tops.
I actually don't even own any...
But this one I found is only $4.50 at Forever 21.
Stripes are big this fall and pairing a long striped tank with some leggings and a cardigan.
 Sounds cozy to me!
And yes, I do wear my leggings as pants as long as the shirt goes past the booty!

It is officially fall now and I can't stop thinking about pumpkins!
I blame it all on Pinterest.
Defiantly hitting up the craft store soon so I can make these beauties.
I LOVE them!



In Texas Starbucks is a big deal.
There is one on EVERY  almost every corner.
At the beginning of fall every year they start serving the Pumpkin Spice Latte again.
And let me tell you... It is DELICIOUS.
It is Fall in liquid form.
I defiantly urge you to go and try a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
Even if it is from your local gas station.
Or a recipe off the Internet.
Once you try it you know that the cool weather and holiday season is right around the corner.


Continuing with the Fall theme and a little arts and crafts.
This next one is super easy and budget friendly.
All you need is a picture frame and some fall colored leaves.


Time to show off a little craft I made myself. Sorta.
I have been eyeing this lamp at Hobby Lobby for some time now.
It is a plain white lamp shade with hot pink ribbon tied into a bow.
Perfect for Harlow's room.
It never seems to be on sale for lower then $25 and for something so simple I just can't justify spending that much on it.
Harlow already has a cute little lamp with a dusty white lamp shade in her room.
I've had this lamp for years!
Yesterday I stumbled upon a piece of ribbon in the closet.
And there you have it!!
The bow needs a little reshaping but I am pleased.
You guys probably think I am nuts.
The perfect girly lamp for my little girly girl.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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