Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Story of Us

Since this is a wedding blog I thought it would be nice if you knew how we "met". Nathan and I went to high school together and were in the same graduating class. We were complete opposites. We hung out with different crowds, never talked, didn't know a thing about each other. Except, we did dissect a worm together freshman year biology, he sat behind me in college algebra senior year, and 2 of his best friends were my cousins. Little did we know the plans that God had for our futures.

and it all started because of this...

The Art Institute of Dallas... Its the short glass building behind the stop light.

 I, myself, discovered the Art Institute of Dallas when I was doing a google search for fashion marketing schools. Nathan, heard about the Art Institute through a friend of his. Whom, I also believe was an art teacher, I don't remember though, correct me if I'm wrong. We both had our own plans to move to Dallas alone and go to school at the Art Institute. We both wanted to get out of the small town and do something great with our lives, get jobs we loved, as well as make lots of money! :)

The Night It all Began... 
I was hanging out with two of my best friends, Emmilee and Lacie. Emmilee then told me that Nathan was going to the same school I was in Dallas, I thought that was pretty cool so I texted him. We talked all the rest of the night, I believe I even called him on my drive home from Emmilee's house. I don't remember what we talked about but I do remember  asking him if he was on a date because he was hanging out with a girl that night. He says he wasn't. :) I guess I said all the right things that night because every single day after that he texted me. How we had so much to talk about and hardly knowing each other, I will never know. I just remember feeling so content and happy just talking to him, I never felt like I needed to be anyone other then myself, everything felt right.

We texted back and fourth for about 2 weeks till we finally hung out. The first time we hung out we literally just drove around and talked. It was a Thursday to be exact. To some that might seem boring, but when your with someone who is so easy to be around it didn't really matter how boring anything was. Right before I was going home that night we made a bet. I said something about it raining the next day, he said he didn't think it was going to. He was laughing when he said it so I'm sure he was just making fun of me for mentioning the weather. Ha! I said if I win then I get a kiss on the cheek. Well what do you know, come Friday June 28, 2008, we were hanging out yet again and it rained!! So what does Nathan do??? He leans over and kisses me on the cheek, our first kiss! :) He then didn't kiss me again for probably a month if you really want to know. We continued to hang out almost every weekend and talked EVERYDAY.

We decided to get an apartment together to cut down on the costs of living in a big city. Most people said it was a terrible idea and we would never make it. All odds were against us. Thankfully, we have amazing families and support systems who helped us through and reminded us to hold our heads high. We did something not many people can do, pick up our lives and move 6 hours away from everything and everyone we have ever known, not knowing a lot about each other, besides the fact of having the same goals and dreams in life.

Our first apartment ^^^
After 2 quarters of going to the Art Institute I decided it wasn't the school for me. Nathan is still attending and will graduate with a Graphic Design degree this summer. He is AMAZING at what he does. Some of his work has been on the side of the dart buses that drive around Dallas, we have even found a few of his ads in local magazines, he also works for a sports team here in Dallas. He doesn't get told enough how good he really is, he is going to go far in life with the talent he has. No matter where we live!! We both plan to continue with school and get our Masters degree's.

Wow, this is long! If you have made it this far I hope I haven't bore you to much! I think that's all I'll write for tonight, I'm going to go spend some time with a beautiful little girl in my life!


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