Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bling

It has been a very long day! So even though it's getting late I want to be faithful to my little blog and update. :)

Let's just say I LOVE my engagement ring! It is my favorite piece of jewelry and I wear it everyday, I couldn't live without it. I take very good care of it, I get it cleaned regularly, make sure none of the diamonds are loose, and most importantly I show off the beautiful sparkly diamondness (made up word I know) to everyone! That's what your supposed to do right ladies!! :)


I always proudly have to tell everyone that "He went to Jared's!"
That is right everyone, he went to Jared's!! I often wonder if the only reason why he bought my ring there was so I could be a walking commercial, yelling that to everyone. haha! I'm kidding. But, I do have to give him props for picking out my engagement ring all by himself. I simply told him I wanted a diamond and left the rest up to him.

I now (well for the past 2 years) am the proud owner of this pretty little thing...

A 2 Carat, princess cut dazzling diamond ring!
All together it has 3 princess cut stones in the middle.
2 rows of 20 princess cut diamonds, decorating the sides.
and 2 round cut stones on the front and back. (I will show a picture so you understand what I'm taking about)

                                                                              All pictures courtesy of

There it is in all it's prettiness. I could not have picked out a more beautiful ring myself. It is my perfect engagement ring. I LOVE IT! I am excited to have it for many years to come, and I love that Nathan loves it just as much as I do.
Nathan's engagement/wedding band is a simple palladium band. I have no pictures but it is a very NICE ring! Palladium is just a step down from platinum. What can I say, we like to spoil each other. :)

It is passed my bedtime so goodnight everyone!


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