Monday, February 27, 2012

Harlow has a case of the Mondays


Poor girl is having a off day today.
She went to bed at 8 last night and didn’t wake up till 9 this morning.
 I don’t know what is going on with her but she has been cranky!

I was trying to do a little tiny sewing project this morning
 which ended up taking me 3 hours instead of 30 minutes.
  Because I just could not keep Harlow happy.

Hopefully she gets a nap in and feels a little better.
This is really unusual for her.

*Update: Harlow finally took a nap at 430, only 3 hours later then normal. She woke up at 530 and was completely drenched from her sippy cup that leaked all over her, leaving her hair, clothes and sheets sticky and wet. Ugh.... I quickly stripped her down and threw her in the tub for her 2nd bath today. It's only 6:00 and were both ready for bed.. what a day! 


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