Tuesday, February 28, 2012

and then there were 4…

 What is going on in this house of ours??
Today I woke up with a headache the size of Texas.
I swear it felt like my brain was trying to poke my eyes out…

Sooo on days like this I end up looking like this.

4 eyes! What were you thinking???

Yup that’s me with my snazzy glasses on.
My mom likes to make fun of them.
Just because I bought them in the men’s section of the glasses store.
(errr I forgot what it is called.)

But I like them.

I got them this summer after being inspired by Jennifer Aniston.

photo credit:

I certainly don’t look as cute as she does in her glasses but whatevs.

I am rewarding myself  for blogging 2 days in a row with homemade chocolate chip cookies.
Yay me!


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