Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who writes about blankets on their blog.... This mommy does!

Laugh all you want but...
 let's talk for a minute about a little invention that has changed my life

 Beautyrest Dual Control Luxury Heated Blanket.
End of story. 

Okay maybe not really end of story.
Does this really need that much explaining??
Okay maybe it does.
But I do know for a fact I am not alone in my love for this blanket. 
Heated blanket might I add. 

This was actually sent to me as a gift from my wonderful cousin Kristi.
After having a brief discussion about it on Facebook one night,
she decided to not only spoil me but 2 of our other cousins as well with this amazing present. 

As weird as it may sound this little/big thing has simplified and complicated my life.
Since becoming a stay at home mom I have dealt with a terrible case of insomnia. 
I just can't seem to fall asleep at a decent hour. 
It sucks. 
And as much as I love Pinterest I know how unhealthy it is to stay up half the night "pinning".

Back to the topic at hand. 
Upon receiving this blanket in the mail (I believe I squealed)
I hooked er' right on up and didn't move for the rest of the day. 
I recall telling Nathan I was just going to sleep on the couch because that is where I set up shop.
I am not that crazy of a person so I did end up moving to bed.

Seriously though this thing has me wanting to go to bed earlier and sleeping in late. 
It is hard to part with in the mornings. 
This blanket is magical, and...
Bonus: it is also so huge you could fit a family of 6 under it. 
no jokes.
Unless your like me and don't like sharing. 




  1. I don't have a heated blanket, but I do have a dual control heated mattress cover. It fits over your mattress kind of like your fitted sheet. I love it!

  2. I have never heard of one of those before! But I actually don't sleep with the blanket turned on. I usually heat it up about 30 min. before I go to bed because Nathan calls it a fire hazard and it freaked me out. lol



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