Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I miss...


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Blog 1 - Me 0

As Harlow gets older the less time I seem to have to get on the Internet.

Of course I still have time for facebook updates and being nosey in other peoples business. Isn't that why face book was created? No? Okay... It's just me then. :)

I don't even post as many pictures to facebook anymore because my little bugaboo moves wayyyy to fast for me to even get good shots.
Hence, why we hire a photographer who can capture those shots that our measly point and shoot can't manage.

No promises but I will try to do better with checking in every once in a while.
Be looking out for a little blog redesign maybe.
And maybe a name change.
The wedding is almost here and over with, thank goodness!!
Here is too a new beginning!
Who am I kidding.
I need to take baby steps.
We will see what tomorrow brings! :)


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