Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grooms, Groomsmen, Ring Bearer Attire

The title here is pretty self explanatory. I have really been thinking lately what I want the wedding party to wear. I already have the bridesmaid's dresses picked out and I know a couple of them already have purchased theirs. So all that is really left is Nathan's tux, the groomsmen attire, and you can't forget the ring bearers. We have a total of 8 people in our wedding party, not including the flower girl and 2 ring bearers. So with our budget we are just not able to pay for every ones bridal wear. (Sorry guys!!)

But lets get down to planning. First off I have created a collage to show you what I plan for Nathan to wear. (After I made the first collage my collage maker decided it didn't want to make any more collages so this is the only one!)

All photos found on

The photo in the upper left hand corner is what Nathans tux will look like all put together. I am very pleased with how it looks considering we will be the only ones wearing mostly white. I want both of us to really stand out as bride and groom.

The bridesmaids dresses are all black so we are going with the same theme for the groomsmen. We aren't making them go all out with a tux, they will just be wearing a simple black shirt, black pants, black tie, and black shoes.

boooooo... this uploaded blurry. But I don't feel like getting a different picture. You get the idea right???? Black dress pants. Okay!

All photos above were found on and were very reasonably priced. Groomsmen you can buy your attire anywhere you would like as long as it's black! I love the all black for both the groomsmen and bridesmaids, it is so simple, chic, clean, and put together. Which makes me happy!!

Last but not least the ring bearers. I have decided to have 2 ring bearers, I have two little boys in my family who are the most adorable boys ever and I know they will look adorable walking down the aisle together. One will be 3 and one will be 2, everyone will adore these little cuties. I have had a hard time deciding what I want them to wear and I am still not 100% sure but I did find a very cute and affordable option.

Found at Sears for only $17 for all 4 pieces!

ughhhh. another blurry picture. Sorry Guys!! These adorable black dress shoes are a $12 at Walmart. <3

I know we still have a little time till October so I think I will still shop around but these 2 things are steals and are adorable. I might be sold but with 2 growing little boys who would even know what size to get?!?

Once again sorry for the blurry pictures but you get the idea that I'm going with for all of this. Have a good night everyone!!


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